Measuring for the perfect fitting Stole

Measurement 1 (perfect length):
  1. Place your tape on the bump of the bone at the base of your neck, let your measuring tape extend down your body to the length that would suit you best. Let someone else read that number for you and record. The most common length would be between 48" and 54".
Easier way:
Measure a stole you have that fits well from base of neck (spot where stole touches your neck) to bottom end.
Measurement 2 and 3 ("heart" measurement):
  1. Place tape on neck bone and measure to where the center of your heart is. Record this number. This will help in centering designs to be seen above the pulpet.
  2. At heart's center, measure the width of your favorite stole. This number varies according to "display space" and personality. A narrower or wider width is more flattering to different body types as well as style perferences. My stoles commonly measure between 4.75" and 6.5" at the heart.
kemt mckusick modeling a stole
Rev. Kemt McKusick
showing off his stole.
Rev. Chris Firey sun stole
Rev. Chris